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The Yupik People

Kwik’pak Fisheries is, in a manner of speaking, a community based business, formed by six local villages. We are working to build the regional economy by offering employment, training and educational opportunities to area residents and their families. In addition to work tied directly to our fishing and buying operations, Kwik’pak has helped other small businesses in the villages along the river.

The jobs provided by these activities enable Yupik families to continue the traditional lifestyle their people have practiced for thousands of years…fishing, hunting and living off the land.

Preserving cultural traditions

Subsistence fishing has been the mainstay of the Yupik people for generations. Today, income derived from commercial fishing helps them to preserve their long standing traditions. Before each commercial season begins, Yupik families travel to “fish camps” to catch, dry and store the fish that will sustain them through the winter.

The River

By far the longest and most powerful river in Alaska, the Yukon is truly an awesome force. In late spring and summer, it spills over 1.5 million gallons of water into the Bering Sea…every second. In comparison, 500,000 gallons of water spill over Niagara Falls each second.

The mighty Yukon River cuts through the Alaskan landscape like a jagged tear on a map. Yet despite its well deserved, powerful reputation, it is part of a fragile ecosystem that must be protected.

For the Yupik people, taking care of nature is, if you will, second nature. They are committed to preserving the resources that have provided for their people for thousands of years to come.

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